CASH OUT – Secure your Winnings at a click of a button!

Cash Out enables you to guarantee a profit or minimize the losses at any time regardless of the final result. It’s your call to Cash Out your bet! And it’s all at the click of a button.

You are in control! Want to Cash Out the full amount or just part of it? We have it covered with Partial Cash Out. The Cash Out slider does the trick for you and on top of it you can manually input the amount you want to secure.

Cash Out is available across multiple sports, leagues, competitions and markets. Look for the ‘Cash Out’ icon next to market description for the ‘Cash Out’ feature eligibility


What is the confirmation screen and how does it work?

The confirmation screen provides protection against accidental clicking of the Cash Out button. Once the Cash Out button is selected, you will see an overlay summarising your Cash Out position and be required to confirm you wish to proceed.

Why does my bet not appear on the Cash Out Page?

Cash Out is available for certain bets. To ensure Cash Out is available for your bet, please check that all of the markets have the Cash Out icon next to them

Does the Cash Out amount include my stake?

The ‘Cash Out’ amount is the total amount that will be returned to your account if the Cash Out is successful, and the stake will not be returned separately

Why is the Cash out Offer Suspended?

When betting is suspended on a market, Cash Out offers for Singles on this market or for Multiples involving this market are also suspended. If the value of the Cash Out offer would be €0, the Cash Out offer is also suspended

Why is there a delay when I click Cash Out?

During some In-Play events, delays are used to ensure that there is enough time to suspend the Cash Out when a major event occurs such as a goal being scored or possible penalty

Why wasn't my Cash Out successful?

Cash Out offers are not guaranteed. If there is a sudden large movement in market prices, your Cash Out may be unsuccessful. If your Cash Out is successful you will see a Success message. If your Cash Out fails, you will see a Failure message

When do I get my money?

When a bet is successfully Cashed Out, any returns will be credited to the account immediately

Are Cash out bets eligible for bonus?

No, any cashed out bet or partially cased out bet will be ineligible for any bonus requirement.