Security Terms operates in strict compliance to our privacy policy, and your personal information is safely stored in an encrypted, protected and monitored environment. We do not allow any third-party access to your personal data. As part of the website’s operation and for our own statistical analysis of website traffic, our website automatically logs Internet IP addresses accessing our site, however, we DO NOT log the email address of website visitors.

Account Creation Information

The account information supplied during the account creation process is kept strictly confidential for our own purposes. We do NOT share any personal information with any third-party company or organization. This information includes customer email addresses and other personal information supplied upon registration or as part of our KYC (know your client) process. If you supply us with your personal details, the information will only be used for its intended use, such as your account identifier, allowing us to send you winnings and other information which you request.

Email addresses are NOT shared outside of, with any other organization for commercial or non-commercial use. Email addresses will only be used to provide our customers with information regarding new software updates, promotional material and miscellaneous wallet operations, such as deposits and withdrawals.

Fraud and AML

Fraud is an unacceptable practice that undermines the integrity of In order to combat fraud and money laundering, employs numerous preventative security measures which include random security checks and log-file reviews. Our analysis includes automatic tracking of betting patterns and other wallet transactions. Sophisticated algorithms are employed to identify, track and uncover fraud and to help ensure the integrity of our system and fairness at our games and betting events.’s security team will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints registered by players suspecting questionable practices. Any player found to be participating in fraud or deceptive practices will have their account immediately closed and will be permanently banned from

Cryptographic Encryption uses high-quality, 128-bit encryption technologies to ensure a secure connection between's main server and the player's computer to eliminate any possibility of data interception.


All communications between the client APIs running on our website and the server are encrypted, thus maintaining privacy and integrity of play so that hackers are unable to manipulate your game play or access your information.


Your winnings and withdrawals are kept strictly confidential. It is your responsibility to report these winnings to the appropriate authorities, if such apply in your own jurisdiction.